Indiana Dunes 2021

A roll of real film!

Got a roll of film from earlier in the summer developed!


I’ve been shooting film and was afraid that I was making it kind of a hipster novelty. (Oh it was.) But after the latest couple rolls I’m feeling like the results have been good, and worth the fuss.

Take this roll. It’s Kodak Ektar ISO 100, and as you can tell the pictures have a tremendous “80’s” look to them. #nofilter yada yada. Actually, not true—I used a UV filter on the lens.

The colors are almost shockingly vibrant and have a slight magenta cast that gives a warm, vintage feel. The pictures aren’t really “accurate” but they do give a good representation of the experience. I love the colors on the dunes at sunset.

Also, technically the film is very sharp with minimal grain. You can’t even really tell at the resolution that Instagram uses. These would look great blown up big.

So, anyway, I guess I’m saying that film is “fun” and gives really interesting results. It’s also much harder to do well than digital, which is also “fun!”

The real downside, of course, is that it’s really expensive to buy film and have it developed by mail order (because there are no more 1-hour photo places). The cost is why we all switched to digital in the first place, right?