The website for the Scalettas!

Fun Letters for the kids

A fun little page I made to hand to the kids when they were little and would just mash the keys.

Copy of a Blogger blog I made a few years ago. It’s not great.

Dingers: The Website

This one is kind of fun. Instructions and sample games for a baseball card collecting/simulation game I came up with. Well, I based it on an existing game, but the rules of the existing game were so unbalanced the game was essentially unplayable. This one is fun (I think)!

Red River Gorge Hiking (2000)

Pictures from a hiking trip with friends back in the year 2000!

Red River Gorge Hiking (2020)

Pictures from a hiking trip with family just this year! (2020)!

Wolverine Titan Gadget Review

Review of a gadget!

On Scanning Negatives

Here's my technique for scanning slides and film negatives. This supersedes the gadget review!

Indiana Dunes Beach and Camping

A roll of film from a family trip up to the Indiana Dunes National Park! Plenty of swimming and some camping, too. Plus my rambling thoughts about film photography.

West Baden Springs Hotel

Quick roll of film at the West Baden Springs Hotel, mostly of the grounds around the hotel, including the sunken garden.